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    Mainframe Essentials

    Succeeding with your mainframe investment is essential. With Mainframe Essentials, manage your hardware investment and reduce risk within the mainframe software portfolio- at no additional cost.

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    How to install Mainframe Essentials
    How to Install Mainframe Essentials today.
    How to install Mainframe Essentials

    Get value from
    Mainframe Essentials today!

    Mainframe Essentials is a collection of valuable tools available to currently licensed Broadcom Mainframe customers at no additional charge and, best of all, you can access it today.

    Why Download Mainframe Essentials?

    • Do you know what software maintenance is applied, and the risk of not deploying it?
    • Do you know what software versions are running on which LPAR?
    • Have you completed a security scan lately to compare your settings to industry best practices?

    What's in it for me?

    Software Risk Assessment

    Expert Assessments

    Enhance Broadcom Support Experience

    Streamline maintenance workflow

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