Broadcom’s Industry-Leading AI, Security and Hybrid Cloud Solutions Accelerate Client Value on New z16 Mainframe

May 3, 2022  Broadcom Inc. is expanding opportunities for organizations to gain greater value from the company’s advanced AI, security, and hybrid cloud solutions on IBM’s new z16. Broadcom’s suite of leading software solutions, services, and unique “beyond code” programs provide clients the advantage they need to succeed in an increasingly challenging business environment.

“Our strategic investments position clients to exploit the z16 along with advances in AI, cybersecurity, cloud integration and agility,” said Greg Lotko, senior vice president and general manager, Mainframe Software Division, Broadcom. “We’re providing support for the new platform across our software portfolio. What distinguishes Broadcom is our deep investment in technology and how we work side-by-side in partnership with our clients to overcome their unique challenges and create new opportunities.”

Johan Bosch, Executive Director for iOCO Infrastructure Services, says "Nothing can match the transaction performance of a mainframe, and the way that we manage the platform using Broadcom technology is a real differentiator for us. We can deliver our services at 25% of the cost when measured against standalone banking environments. Having Broadcom as a partner really allows us to deliver unique innovation.”

Clients can capitalize on the full range of Broadcom solutions to hone operations, strengthen protection, and integrate their mainframe seamlessly into their hybrid cloud to drive new business value with the z16.

Leveraging AI and Automation for Operational Resiliency

With IT teams often siloed and operational data growing exponentially, it is becoming increasingly difficult to identify, analyze, and troubleshoot issues before they impact the business. Broadcom applies the power of AI to IT operations, combining critical system data, machine learning, and automation, enabling organizations to build a new level of operational resilience.

AIOps Automation solutions from Broadcom take customers beyond passive observability using AI algorithms fine-tuned for the mainframe to provide data in context and surface alerts that matter. Augmenting human expertise with AI produces increased transparency and actionable insights that drive more efficient automation. Businesses are reducing manual efforts by 40%, identifying root causes 5x faster, and predicting problems before they occur to keep operations up and running smoothly.

“We partnered with Broadcom, leveraging Mainframe Operational Intelligence (MOI) to ensure system efficiency and resiliency,” said Stijn Van Den Bosch, Expert Systems Engineer at Socialistische Mutualiteiten (NVSM). “MOI provides meaningful and actionable insights, putting us in a much better position to continue delivering the high qualities of service that our business and our customers demand.”

Holistic Protection against Cyber-threats

Today’s digital society presents a target rich world for rapidly evolving cyber-threats, as well as an increasingly complex compliance landscape. Broadcom’s Mainframe security and compliance solutions take an expansive approach to protect business-critical data and simplify compliance processes.

Data protection requires a layered approach, one that goes beyond encryption. The z16 offers Quantum-Safe encryption capabilities. That is a significant advance, but only part of the security equation. Ultimately, encryption is only as good as the humans protecting the keys. It is still essential to plan for other security exposures. Broadcom’s comprehensive portfolio includes enterprise security managers (ACF2 and Top Secret), multifactor authentication, privileged user management, data classification and discovery, and cybersecurity event management capabilities that enterprises need.

Lines of business today face audits that have grown in number and frequency. These have also shifted to have more of an application- and data-centric focus. Security teams face mounting demands as they are regularly called upon to assist throughout the audit process. Broadcom compliance solutions, like Security Insights, open up data access from multiple sources for integration, self-service, and automation. This enables all relevant parties to work on risk assessment and remediation plans together to ensure their organization maintains compliance.

“Governments and enterprises alike are seeking ways to mitigate the risk created by a complex hybrid cloud environment,” said Ravi Patil, Director, Broadcom Mainframe Security Solutions. “By combining z16’s enhanced capabilities for encryption and Broadcom’s market leading security and compliance solutions, customers can proceed confidently, mitigate risk, and continue driving superior business value with their Mainframe.”

An Open Strategy for Mainframe Integration with Hybrid Cloud

Organizations gain tremendous value when they integrate the mainframe as part of their hybrid cloud strategy. The best path is with an open framework – one that supports tools of choice, leverages APIs that enable high degrees of integration and automation, and fosters collaboration among teams.

Broadcom embraces an “Open-First” approach across its software portfolio to enhance all areas of cross-platform development and operations. This goes beyond simply working with open source tooling and includes opening up our own solutions to ensure mainframe services can be consumed and automated with ease by Distributed, Cloud, and Mainframe teams alike, whether through open APIs, SDKs, CLI’s or IDE interfaces.

"By going Open-first, Broadcom enables integrations between open software and our commercial solutions and allows for choice of tooling across teams,” said George DeCandio, CTO, Broadcom Mainframe Software. “We make the experience of integrating and working with the mainframe just like any other platform or cloud.”

Partnership for Success - Ready on Day One

Broadcom offers many unique, “beyond code” programs that customers take advantage of as an added value of our partnership, among them:

  • Mainframe Consumption Licensing (MCL) provides an attractive, usage-based software licensing model that provides increased clarity, predictability, and flexibility of z/OS software consumption and includes unlimited application dev/test at no cost.
“Broadcom’s Expert Change Planning and support team has been with us every step of the way during our change window process,” said Diane Schwettman, z/OS Senior Mainframe Systems Programmer, Ensono. “They partner with us throughout the window, from reviewing our pre-changeover plans to participating in the mock changeover and post-cutover monitoring. Their team of mainframe experts is there whenever we need them. They are deeply knowledgeable, highly collaborative, and deliver excellent support.”

As a member of the z16 Early Support Program, Broadcom has collaborated with IBM to ensure the full set of our mainframe software solutions work seamlessly on the new platform – all towards driving clients’ innovation and progress towards their business goals.

About Broadcom

Broadcom Inc. is a global infrastructure technology leader built on 50 years of innovation, collaboration, and engineering excellence. Broadcom Mainframe Software Division specializes in leading DevOps, Security, AIOps, Data Management and Core Infrastructure software solutions. We enable our clients to embrace open technologies, integrate Mainframe as part of their hybrid cloud, and partner to drive greater value and overall success with the platform.

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