Winning the Mainframe
Change Window Race

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Data centers are experiencing constant change in order to take advantage of new capabilities, maintain version currency, or prepare for upcoming market events, like new application roll-outs or support for Black Friday demand.

Spend less time dealing with issues and more time adding value to the business with proactive planning and white-glove support from our experts.


A Plan for Success

The Mainframe Expert Change Planning program assists customers in making their hardware, operating system, and software maintenance and upgrade activities a success. Broadcom experts collaborate with you to conduct a comprehensive review of your upgrade plans at no charge. Our team is with you every step of the way, providing consultation and on-call support throughout your change window so that you can essentially eliminate the potential for Sev-1 issues during the process.

Simplify the Transition to z/OSMF

What Do Our Customers Have to Say?

I appreciate the Broadcom Mainframe Support team working with me to ensure my security and operating system upgrades are a success. Their detail in reviewing product features and PTFs prior to upgrades has been very helpful.

Large East Coast Bank

The Broadcom mainframe Support team helped us prepare for this critical upgrade. Working with Broadcom proactively, prior to our event, made things run much more smoothly.

Large Asia-Pacific Bank

Better Upgrade Experience

  • Reduced effort to prepare for change windows
  • Fewer issues during cutover period
  • Faster time to resolve issues across dependencies
  • Experts available before, during and post event

What's Included?

  • Pre-change planning to eliminate unexpected issues
  • Scope extends to any mainframe related aspects - hardware or software
  • Whether it's maintenance, upgrades or market events, we have you covered

Expert-Led Collaborative Planning

  • Senior-level engineer involvement throughout the process
  • Provide input to identify any corrective actions needed 
  • Review all necessary PTFs/ Maintenance levels

Don't roll the dice when it comes to your mainframe environment, contact your local Broadcom Mainframe Software Account Representative for further assistance or questions.

Expert Change Planning Program

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