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    The Main Scoop™ Brings Industry Expertise to the Forefront

    The Main Scoop™ is a monthly video series where industry-leading experts discuss relevant ideas and strategies shaping today’s business and IT landscape–from quantum computing, to open source, modernization, sustainability, and beyond.

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    The Main Scoop™ is hosted by:

    Greg Lotko, SVP and GM Broadcom Mainframe Software | Connect with Greg Lotko
    Daniel Newman, CEO and Founder, Futurum Research | Connect with Daniel on LinkedIn

    How Mastercard Empowers Sustainable Digital Economies Daniel Newman and Joe Doria, CMO of Broadcom Mainframe Software, spend time with Joe Schuler from Mastercard to discuss the future of payments and payment rails. Watch Video
    Data Security's Impact on Organizational Reputation Although security is a key mainframe strength, the platform is only as secure as the tools and techniques you use. Hosts Daniel Newman and Joe Doria welcome special guest Mark Wilson (Founder and Technical Director at Vertali) to discuss the wide-ranging implications of transforming your security posture—and why it matters to your digital strategy and business reputation. Watch Video
    Compliance and Sustainability's Impact on Brand Value and Technology Choice Rebecca Levesque of 21st Century Software reviews the changing regulatory and sustainability landscape, and why IT leaders must reduce risk and enhance value throughout their companies. Watch Video
    Technology Investment Approaches for Top-Performing Companies Dr. Howard Rubin on the efficacy of enterprise technology investments, and how organizations can apply risk and performance-based investment principles that maximize business outcomes. Watch Video
    Operational Excellence and the Customer Experience Meral Temel of JFORCE highlights the opportunities and risks of pursuing an operational excellence strategy to achieve the highest levels of customer service. Watch Video
    Technology Strategies Driving the Evolution of Customer Experience On this episode of The Main Scoop, co hosts Greg Lotko and Daniel Newman are joined by BMC’s April Hickel on how reimagining the mainframe customer experience can drive growth and better business outcomes–and the risks of not investing in customer journey improvements. Watch Video
    Open Approaches for Mainframe Optimization John Mertic of the Open Mainframe Project highlights why open-first approaches are essential for growing business and innovation across platform ecosystems–and what the future of open looks like. Watch Video
    Is Your Financial Institution Prepared for Digital Disruption? Fintech expert Joao Bezerra Leite on how fintech has impacted traditional banking institutions, and the mainframe’s vital role in banking transformation. Watch Video
    IBM z16: AI, Quantum Computing, and the Road Ahead Get insight from IBM’s Christian Jacobi on the IBM z16 release, and learn what to expect in future episodes of The Main Scoop™. Watch Video

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