Git for Mainframe FAQ

Using GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket, or Azure Repos for version control with z/OS applications.

Git for Mainframe FAQ


Endevor Bridge for Git Award-winning Endevor component that enables a Git experience (aka Hybrid Git) without disrupting existing processes.
Developer Build Different from a production build; developers build their changes (i.e., in-flight work) in isolation. After successfully building and unit testing, they commit the changes.  
Enterprise Git Server Tool that operationalizes Git; the most common ones are commercial platforms like GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket (Atlassian) and Azure Repos (Microsoft); they typically offer complementary capabilities beyond version control (e.g., CI/CD pipeline orchestration, DevOps ecosystem integrations, pull/merge requests and online code review).
Hybrid Git Git experience concurrent with existing mainframe platform (e.g., Endevor) for a specific mainframe app; developers choose their preferred interface; Bridge for Git enables the Hybrid Git scenario.
Git A free and open source distributed version control system that supports distributed, non-linear workflows (parallel branches running on different systems).
Git Native Use of Git alone for version control for a mainframe app rather than mainframe tools; requires the code, artifacts and automation to be moved; Team Build enables Git Native.
Main Repo Typically maintained in mainframe SCM tools but can be moved to enterprise Git servers for Git Native development.
Team Build A standalone build engine that enables next generation mainframe developers to work the way they want (e.g., decentralized collaboration via Git); maintains/migrates existing automation.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why Git?

Are Enterprise Git Servers secure enough for our mainframe source code?

How do I assess the value of Git adoption for my team?

What is the biggest challenge with Git adoption?

How can we overcome this challenge?

How can we gain buy-in for Git adoption?

What is the best way to educate those unfamiliar with Git?

When ready, can we move our portfolio to Git in one big cutover?

How can I fast-track adoption?

Do we need Endevor to use Team Build?

Do we need Endevor to use Bridge for Git?

Will Team Build and/or Bridge for Git into my budget?

Which of my applications are ready to move to Git Native?

What other resources are available?

Who can I speak with regarding my questions or concerns?

Speak with an Endevor/Git Advisor

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Broadcom’s Endevor/Git advisor is here to help by answering your questions and getting you on the road to adoption.

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